Pailhead, “No Bunny”

4/25/2004: Oooh baby!
  • Music: Pailhead, that Ministry-Fugazi collab… Oh-so-kick-ass

Mmm. I have unlocked the mystery of how to change my brother’s diaper.

You know, the host of Forbidden Planet? Boy, that DJ’s a sweetie. After talking to him last night about my babysitting blues, he played Sleater-Kinney for me. I babysat four kids last night, including Ariel, her friends, and my little brother. Ohhhh yeah, pick the adolescent to watch ‘em… The DJ was really  sympathetic towards me. *sigh* If he weren’t thirty…

I must say I have a thing for older men… Well, sometimes. And not with any real life intentions.

Whoa I didn’t even know it was Robert Smith’s birthday when I posted “A Letter To Elise”


Blink 182, “A Letter To Elise” (Live at MTV Icon: The Cure, 2004)

Oh Elise it doesn’t matter what you do
I know I’ll never really get inside of you
To make your eyes catch fire
The way they should
The way the blue could pull me in
If they only would


4/24/2004: Art… After Dark.

Last night, I met up at Marisol’s house (which is my current location this morning) with Lara, and Andre. We attended Art After Dark, a charity sort-of-deal, downtown.

There was food and cool art (that I badly wanted to buy, like those sun carvings and the geometric neon-looking stuff). Then we found Blake and his friend Grace… And we decided to have a little adventure by creeping out through the emergency exit, and sticking Andre’s pencil in the door (so we wouldn’t be shut out). We plotted a plan to go building hopping, as the balcony was only a foot apart from the next building. 

However, it only resulted in us running about the fire escapes. We had a spitting spree, spitting down on the alleyway from three stories above. Blake found a tall, creaky stairway; We all ran after him, laughing and climbing the stairway— I only got maybe a bit more than halfway up, as 1) I was wearing my short plaid dress and 2) I saw a huge gap in the rail, and if I were not careful, I would’ve fallen about 40 feet to my death. So, I opted to sit around the steps for a while and look at the sky. 

It was so beautiful. You could see the whole cityscape from atop the fire escape brooding over the dark alleyway. The moon spilled itself into a quarter of a smoker’s yellow smile, floating above the Modis building. I could see the river. I was captivated; but I realized I’ve never felt so lonely in my life.

My friends returned, and I guess I had to paint a smile back on and join them to return back inside the theater. We got chastised by a senior girl and just headed towards the loo, then lost Andre and Blake. Andre surprised me a little with his rebellious streak. Marisol’s mom came to pick us up soon after, but I wanted to stay a bit longer because… I kinda hoped I could emulate how I felt to someone.

This loneliness.. Could it ever go away…?

 Oh, I’m just a big fuckin’ sap.

Love Lawlessly,


Consuela, Clementine, and Konstantine. &lt;3

Consuela, Clementine, and Konstantine. <3

4/20/2004: Ro@dees vs. Group!es

Livejournal was funny last night. You know Courtney, preppy blonde who hates me? She and Ashleigh and Kara (her nicer friends) have this clique they call the Group!es. They like to draw their symbol all over the bathrooms— the letter ‘i’ with a crown on top. Meg, Audrey and I were just talking about it in gym the other day so we formed our own secret gang called “Roadees” but with an @ symbol. Because, I thought, “Roadies are strong and tough.”

So I posted on my LJ that we added our friend Andrea to the Ro@dee crew and… I think the Group!es got pissed, because someone attacked Meg anonymously on HER LJ, saying groupies were *hotter* than roadies, that we’re a bunch of posers and that this anonymous person was supposedly “not a Group!e but a good friend of theirs.” Courtney is so horrible at hiding her bitchery. I just responded with something like “wow someone’s hurt” and then Megan deleted everything and apologized.

Who cares, though? We weren’t copying them, we just figured they were a friend group with a name and *we* were a friend group without a name. We may not have a secret LiveJournal or money like they do but it’s a free country and we can be Ro@dees if we fucking want to.

Sheesh. People take everything so personal.

Sublime, “Santeria”

Sublime will rise again

~happy 4/20~


At the Drive-in live in Philadelphia

Kelly Osbourne, “Shut Up”

teenboystuff and I are chilling IRL right now and ~reminiscing~ on 2002 Kelly Osbourne

Silver Springs, FL, April 2004

Of course I picked the cheetah.

Silver Springs, FL, April 2004

The Von Bondies, “C’mon, C’mon”

Now we grieve ‘cause now it’s gone
Things were good when we were young